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Topics focused on the reactivation and development of practices to address the conflict in the cities. Studies about the inclusion of design in public policies and the emergent new territories.





Topics that studies relevant and critical elements on new rurality. This is a panel to discuss new initiatives in local development or globalization, social innovation practices, the main impact of metropolitan displacement, new tourism, rural activism, migrations and environmental conflicts from the design perspective.



This panel offers the space of dialogue on generation of process innovation and models for cultural and creative industries. A space for melting knowledge to encourage or facilitate practices for traditional crafts; new approaches to study, keep and boost tangible and intangible cultural heritage; studies focused in the processes of global technological transformation, as well as practices of recovery of ancient knowledge.

This panel offers the space to study rural activism, the attitudes, practices, and behaviors of people involved in movements, especially social and political ones, which have a direct bond with design, design management, co-design, big data, topics such as technology, design and ecology and/or design and criticism.



Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Palmira

Carrera 32 # 12 – 00

Palmira,  Colombia

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