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In the course of March 25th to 27th 2020, the “7TH INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF DESIGN AS A PROCESS” will be held in Cali, Colombia, in Spiwak Hotel, organized by the Faculty of Engineering and Business Administration at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Campus of Palmira.
The main topic proposed for this new forum is DESIGN AND TERRITORY, focusing on the appropriation made by the communities, their identity and relation with their environment. In the territory, the local, the regional and the global are overlapping resulting in different forms of perception and assessment that can be metamorphic and conflicted. The conflict is part of nature and life, it is the result of the relationship between single persons and the community; it is not a negative fact in itself that must be eliminated, but it is a different view which requires to be studied and analyzed. It´s also a potential catalyst that boosts transformations that otherwise would take long time.

Thinking about the interrelation between the multiple dimensions of conflict and design, it will also address the great challenges existing in the diverse territories: from social and economic inequality, the dramatic environmental changes, the processes of identities and its populist ravings, the migrations (cross-national, rural to urban sectors, intercity, etc.), from the aging of the population and the cultural transformations to the equity and gender identity among many others.

The emerging scenarios in design, which address conflicts in territories, are the main matter in this scientific conference, and the invitation on this forum is to participate through the exchange, debate, discussion of studies, findings and experiences, focused in the following questions:


– What are the emerging processes applied to mediate conflicts that may happen in the territory?

– How can a dialogue be established between design, processes, projects, and society; which dialogue allows the understanding, intervention or construction of territory?
– What is the role of design in the different territories: mediator, catalyst, mitigator, driver, etc.?

– How can the link be established between design and the diversity of knowledge (humanistic, technological-productive, economic-administrative, artistic, cultural, political, etc.) across different territories?

– What are the areas of knowledge, practices or processes in design education or entrepreneurship in the different territories of Latin culture?

Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Palmira

Carrera 32 # 12 – 00

Palmira,  Colombia

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